A Tradition From 500 B.C!

The World's Oldest Spirit Tradition

The tradition of this revered spirit dates back 2,500 years to 500 B.C. Originated from the Master's family distillery, this baijiu was once served only to emperors and aristocrats.

How is it different from other spirits?

Confucius Wisdom combines the beauties of Rum, Whisky and Vodka: the main ingredient is sorghum which is a close cousin of sugar cane, the main ingredient used in Rum; a double fermentation process is used, similar to the process used to produce single malt scotch; the color is clear like Vodka, but with a lively fragrant aroma and lingering sweet tastes.

Engages your senses and connects with Qi.

  • See the crystal-clear clarity in the light.
  • Smell the joyful fragrance of flowers and connect with Nature.
  • Savor the taste moving from the tip to the back of the tongue, as delicate flavors blossom.

Like other liquors, Confucius Wisdom can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, with food, after dinner, or as a cocktail. For recipes and available stores, visit www.ConfuciusWisdom.com. Tradition holds that after 300 shots, Baijiu will reveal its secrets. Many, however, are able to connect to the Tao in Baijiu after just 100 shots. So grab a bottle. Pour yourself some Wisdom. Experience the ancient mystery of Qi. Revel in an exotic world. Ganbei! (Chinese for "Toast" and "Straight up!")